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Layar: Superimposing the Future on the Present

O, present, we hardly knew ye. More here: layar via here: Martin Bryant.

Tolstoy and the iPhone

[Also published at Huffpo] I just came into possession of an iPod Touch, which is more or less the iPhone without the phone part (my friend Matt got an iPhone, so I inherited his Touch). I got the little gadget the night before a trip to San Francisco, and I loaded it up with audiobooks […]

why matters

Evan just launched an open source twitterish thing called He’s got tons of traction in a few short days (that surely have been long for Evan and the rest of the crack team at Controlez-Vous), including lots of interest from luminaries such as Dave Winer, Tm O’Reilly and others. So: first, a big kudos […]

open standards & mobile

Contrasting with US moves (regulators and private companies) towards open mobile networks, which allow any device and any application to run on the airwaves, Michael Geist compares the Canadian situation: The open network approach has yet to find much support in Canada, however, as the new spectrum auction rules did not include any open network […]