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making a killing from hunger

From GRAIN: Farmers across the world produced a record 2.3 billion tons of grain in 2007, up 4% on the previous year. Since 1961 the world’s cereal output has tripled, while the population has doubled. Stocks are at their lowest level in 30 years, it’s true,[4] but the bottom line is that there is enough […]

Podcamp Montreal Meeting

Happy May Day. Sylvain has organized a meeting tonight to discuss putting together a podcamp montreal: Jeudi 1er mai / Thursday May 1st 19h (?) Sergent-Recruteur 4801 Saint-Laurent I can’t make it, but here are my thoughts: For a podcasting conference in Montreal, I would like to see this question be the central theme: -what […]

computation & journalism

A symposium on computation + journalism Feb 22-23, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA Hosted by GVU Center at Georgia Tech. Panels * Advances in News Gathering * Improving Journalism Workflow: Automation & Productivity * Social Computing and Journalism * Ubiquitous Journalism * Participant Journalism & Journalism Participation: Authoring and Interacting in New Media * […]

financial scariness

I wrote a little bit about the subprime mortgage troubles a few months ago, and mostly we’ve all forgotten about it. Generally Canada has been well-insulated from the troubles, and probably most people have yet to be touched by the crisis directly. But anyone who thinks we’ve heard the last of it is wrong, I’ll […]

US Military 2.0

The US Military has a site called the “Pentagon Channel” with tons of podcasts… including: Rucksacks and Rations A weekly audio program from the Pentagon Channel featuring stories and interviews about our service members stationed around the globe. From Afghanistan and Iraq to hometowns throughout the United States, Rucksacks and Rations brings you closer to […]

what is it about seeing someone?

In the past couple of weeks, I went to see some public lectures at McGill and elsewhere: the first was Amy Goodman, of DemocracyNow, giving the keynote at the ReDefining Media conference. Then I went to see cognitive psychologist, Stephen Pinker talking about language and the human mind. Finally, I saw management guru David Maister […]

Canadian legislation & innovation

As everyone knows, the next big wave of application innovation will happen on mobile devices, cell phones and cell phones plus (eg iPhone, and the competition that’s sure to follow it). Because of a combination of our regulatory environment, and our oligarchical mobile phone carriers, Canada is exempt from participation in this market. This means […]

good advice, i think; or the end of creativity?

need a photoshop teacher

Anyone want to teach a photoshop course at atwater library? Tuesday nights, 2-hr classes, 6 sessions, starting Nov 6. Let me know if you are interested (original instructor has backed out).

types: telephone customer service

1. obstructionist. main characteristics: many departments who don’t communicate; inability to record details of previous (fruitless) customer service discussions; require you to repeat your story over and over; assumption is always that the problem is your fault or that the problem is “impossible”; different stories from different departments; telling you problem is fixed is just […]