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Links – Tony Judt and Parenting

Weekly links. Remembering Tony Judt, NPR * audio * transcript Hugh for Mitch: Mitch recently had to cancel a lunch with me because of a funeral. I’ve had two close friends (one real life, one online) die of cancer in the past three months. Death is a fact of our existence that we aren’t good […]

Advertisements in Books

Over on a publishing email list there has been some chatter today about advertising in ebooks. While I’m not crazy about being sold washing detergent with my War and Peace, I see no reason not to have ads in some ebooks, and I would rate the odds of it happening at 100% … As with […]

Test Image

Barcelona Streetcar, 1908

NOTE: best to turn of the sentimental music. (via

Trying out posterous

I’m finally testing out posterous: How do you like it?

What We’re Building

Obama on Tech

This is when I got sold on Obama, his June 2006 podcast about net neutrality. Have a listen. Speak my language? Yeah: The topic today is net neutrality. The internet today is an open platform where the demand for websites and services dictates success. You’ve got barriers to entry that are low and equal for […]

Books Versus Ebooks

I have a new article up at Huffpo, On Books & Ebooks: Among book lovers, there continues to be an prevalent negative feeling about electronic books, or ebooks. The reaction, one I myself have experienced, goes something like this: I enjoy reading books, I enjoy the feel and the tactile feedback, touch, smell, look, books […]

Testing the OpenBook Plugin

Testing John Miedema’s Open Book plugin, which helps blogs publish data from the great OpenLibrary site (sorta an open IMDB for books, a project of the Internet Archive). Here is the test: One of my favourite books is: [openbook booknumber=”0679767924″] It works. Nice.

Rip: Remix Manifesto

Brett’s movie Rip: Remix Manifesto will be showing as an ‘avant -premiere’ (?) at Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, this Friday Oct. 17th at 7:30 PM at the Cinema Imperial.