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congrats to CBC radio!

Because I love good radio, I get very angry with CBC for their bad radio, of which the examples are abundant. However…I must offer a big public congrats to them for two new shows: Spark, a great show about tech and trends hosteb by the so very excellent Nora Young; and Search Engine, another fine […]

blatchford on blogs

Globe columnist Christie Blatchford wrote an article about blogs … with the tiresome old complaint, “blogs are like little girls’ diaries” etc etc. and ended: “I do not blog, I have not blogged, I will not blog and, furthermore, I do not care to read blogs.” So, being the old crank that I am, I […] and the geo-restricted web

Michael Geist writes a worrying article about how the web is starting to look more and more like cable. Until recently, the Internet was precisely the opposite [of cable], offering unlimited user choice, continuous interactivity, and technological capabilities to copy and remix content. That is gradually changing as broadcasters seek to re-assert greater geographic control […]

Regret the Error

Went to Craig Silverman’s book launch for Regret the Error … looks great. Good crowd of mtl geeks and other folk. Blurb from the introduction to the book, by Jeff Jarvis: Craig Silverman’s examination of the art of the correction in his blog and now this book could not come at a better time for […]

redefining media conference

I will be on two panels for the CKUT conference, Redefining Media: Media Democracy and Community Radio, this weekend at McGill. My sessions are both on Sunday: Copyright And Community Radio Sunday, Oct 21st, 2007, 12:30pm – Shatner Ballroom, 3480 McTavish, 3rd floor How does intellectual property law affect what you hear on your radio […]

Harper’s No Spin Bunker?

Somehow this doesn’t seem right: Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been working on a secret project to build a $2-million government-controlled media centre, a newspaper reported Monday… The new briefing centre would supplant the 47-year-old National Press Theatre, a venue where government news conferences are moderated by the executive members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery […]

huffpo pays off – POP mtl

Hey, I *am* the media! Writing for the Huffington Post pays off! I got a press pass to Pop&Policy Conference (part of Pop!Montreal) and I plan to go see: Thurs.Oct.4 – 1:00pm – 3:00pm – Tanna Schulich Hall (527 Sherbrooke W.) KEYNOTE & PANEL: Dr. Daniel Levitin, Author of This is Your Brain on Music […]

nora’s spark #2

The fabulous Nora Young has just launched a new podcast (that also happens to be a CBC Radio* show), called Spark. Covering technology, art, society, it also aims to get more interactive feedback from the net. Comments, participation, stories and the like. As with all of Nora’s radio work, it’s good good stuff. The next […]

CRTC report will destroy our heritage!

Laurence Dunbar and Christian Leblanc were commissioned by the CRTC to write a report and recommendations for on the Canadian broadcasting regulatory environment. Geist is happy, concluding: The authors remain optimistic, however, concluding that “the solutions to this issue lie not in imposing new regulatory restrictions on Canadian companies as some stakeholders have suggested – […]

Hersh on the Media

Sy Hersh is the best writer on what’s going on in the US gov’ts war rooms (hint: they plan to start a war with Iran). There’s a good interview over at Jewish Journal, and check this gem, from a guy who started writing for print in the 1970s: There is an enormous change taking place […]