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The Media-Created Found-Foot Frenzie

From the Globe and Mail: “Gail Anderson, a forensic entomologist from Simon Fraser University, said there has never been any credible indication that the feet could be linked to foul play and are more likely been found because media reports have made people more vigilant about the possibility of finding feet.” [more…] Speaking of quality […]

arcade fire + premium digital + all sorts of other things that we might add in the title

The Montreal/Texas band Arcade Fire has just released a new album, Suburbs. Arcade Fire is about as big as indie bands get, and their plan is to stay indie – as far as I know. You can buy the new album here: … And some interesting notes about how you can buy: * Premium […]

Ten Thoughts about Social Media Marketing

I gave a workshop at the annual YES Montreal Entrepreneurship Conference about social media & marketing. Here it is: Ten Thoughts on Social Media & Marketing View more presentations from Hugh McGuire. Here are my ten thoughts: 1. Marketing isn’t convincing people to buy your stuff. Marketing is making sure that the people who want […]

Piracy vs. Availability: a Parable

A Parable of the Past An, er, friend of mine heard an interview on Fresh Air with Scottish director Armando Iannucci about his new film In the Loop (IMDB). He’d never heard of Iannucci, or the movie, or the TV show upon which the movie is based. The audio clips from the movie were so […]

Media Hacks #7: How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Here is Media Hacks #7, about where the bucks are or aren’t in online advertising. This episode, an intimate trio performs for your pleasure: C.C. Chapman, Mitch Joel and me. LISTEN HERE: Media Hacks: Episode 6. Or: Mp3 download.

Media Hacks #6: Twitter, Demi Moore, Facebook

Man I am getting behind on my Media Hacks postings. Oops. Well here is Media Hacks #6, about Twitter and scalability, Demi Moore’s bum, Facebook’s new company features. Tearing up the airwaves in this episode: C.C. Chapman, Julien Smith, Chris Penn, Mitch Joel and me. LISTEN HERE: Media Hacks: Episode 6. Or: Mp3 download.

Music Business Learning?

This is a pretty extraordinary article from Bloomberg, nominally about the hot new music site/service, Spotify (not available in Canada or the US yet). What was striking: the execs from the music business, including Michael Nash, Warner’s SVP Digital Strategy and Business Development, finally cottoned on that the real challenge of the music business is […]

The Cisco Kid

John Chambers, CEO of CISCO on what the future holds, from MITWorld. He thinks we are about to see the most fundamental change in businesses and government that we’ve ever seen, moving from command and control to collaboration and teamwork.

MediaHacks #5: Twitter as Google Rival

Media Hacks #5: this one ended up pretty interesting, talking about Twitter as a search engine and possible Google rival, Google search tweaks, brands, and conferences/unconferences. On the media hacks hotline: C.C. Chapman, Julien Smith, Chris Penn, Mitch Joel and me. LISTEN HERE: Media Hacks: Episode 5

Newspapers: It’s Not Me, It’s You (Maybe)

With all the talk of newspapers shutting down, I wonder if we might flip the traditional interpretation: Maybe the problem is not so much online news sources killing off business for print newspapers; maybe the problem is the continued existence of print newspapers is stifling innovation in the online news space. Since so much (local) […]