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librivox – nanowrimo

LibriVox is doing another national novel writing month (nanowrimo) novel … why not sign up for a chapter here. background: During the month of November 2007, LibriVox volunteers write the serial novel The Yellow Sheet together, based on the guidelines of the National Novel Writing Month. Each volunteer writes one or more chapter (we do […]


Well, we did it. We just cataloged our 1,000th book, and for that a huge thank you must go out to everyone who has ever said or written the word LibriVox. Thank you first to the readers for lending their voices to something wonderful; to the Book Coordinators who pull things together; to the Meta […]

LibriVox approaching 1,000 cataloged works

LibriVox is closing in on 1,000 books in our catalog (we’re at 997 as of a few minutes ago, thanks to Kara’s latest, This Country of Ours). For your interest, here are a few (not all) of the books we published this October: The Shortstop – Zane Grey This Country of Ours, Part 1 – […]

on the radio

i participated a while ago on Michel Dumais’ Citoyen Numerique. you have to listen through the little player, it’s: 2007 10 11 01citoyennumnerique-ballado 2007 10 11 02citoyennumnerique-ballado 2007 10 11 03citoyennumnerique-ballado the main librivox part is 03, at minute: 15:15ish. the rest is about podcasting, podcasting in quebec, digital music downloads etc … i make […]

years later …

from librivox forum: After years of listening to Libri Vox works I have now felt the need to post a call to do up a book and am even ready to record chapters if needed…. …After years of listening to LibriVox works … ??? wow. I guess we have been around for a while now.

recent librivox treats

First: you can get updated about new releases via twitter, by following (seems not to have updated today?) Next: The last few LibriVox releases are all pretty cool. South! The Story of Shackleton’s Last Expedition 1914-1917 by Ernest Shackleton Shackleton’s most famous expedition was planned to be an attempt to cross Antarctica from the […]

LibriVox at SXSW?

Every year there is a big digital/social/web etc conference in austin called south by south west interactive. I have proposed a LibriVox talk, based on the presentation will I did at Podcasters Across Borders (slides and audio + transcript ) I think panel selections get made by votes from interested people like you. so… it’d […]

gift economies & librivox

Austin, a founder of the top-secret start-up, has a post about gift economies, which I commented on. He got me thinking and, I left a long rambly comment, which I’d like to expand on… soon ;-) … anyway, here is my comment: one crucial point about online gift economies (and perhaps other gift economies […]

how data (or, podcasting) will save the world

This presentation is not actually about podcasting, it’s about data…but it was presented at podcastersacrossborders, and LibriVox is the inspiration for these thoughts.

Happy Bloomsday

In celebration of Bloomsday, 2007, LibriVox is releasing the long-awaited audio version of James Joyce’s Ulysses The work comprises more than 32 hours of audio, and the project took a year-and-a-half to complete, with scores of volunteer participants. Started in November 2005, it is one of LibriVox’s longest-running projects, and is also the longest text […]