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dante’s inferno – canto I

Dante’s Inferno: Cori reads; Gustave DorĂ© illustrates; and lucid videoifies.

why public domain and not creative commons?

All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain, and the question comes up often enough: why not license the recordings as creative commons/non-commercial instead? The question came up recently and here was my answer: So, why should LibriVox recordings be in the public domain, rather than a creative commons license? LibriVox comes out of a […]

hughscast(?)#1: nokia audiobooks

This is an audio interview with Janne Vainio, an audio engineer at Nokia, who put together the Audiobooks project at Nokia’s BetaLabs. The project features LibriVox books as the first test books for download, in a special optimized format. From the about of the project: Nokia Audiobooks is a beta concept that enables you to […]


Michael Geist has an article in the Toronto Star about Canadian book 2.0 projects. The two projects cited are Evan’s Wikitravel Press, and LibriVox. About Wikitravel Press, says he: For example, Wikitravel, one of the Internet’s most acclaimed travel websites, was launched in 2003 by Montreal residents Evan Prodromou and Michele Ann Jenkins. Using the […]

LibriVox: Apologia

Been a while since I wrote a longish piece on LibriVox. Peter Kerry Powers, a Professor of English and chair of the English department at Messiah College, wrote a piece about audio books, and LibriVox, here. I commented on that post, Peter answered here, and this was my comment to on his second piece (i’ve […]

amazon buys audible for $300M

News from the commercial side of audiobooks, amazon dishes out 300 smackers for quick calculation: -the article indicates that audible’s catalog is roughly 90,000 works -@$300M for the kit, that’s about 3k/title -so that makes librivox’s donation to the universe roughly worth (in grubby capitalist terms): 1200*3000 = $3.6 million. let’s discount by 50% […]

LibriVox, 100 TB per month?

*LibriVox top 10 books result in about 190,000 downloads per month. *The zip files for those 10 books add up to 3.8 GB *Or an average of 380 MB/download *meaning, per month, our top 10 books alone represent 190,000 * 380MB = 72 TeraBytes BUT: a download might be just one file, or a whole […]

RIP, Robert Marquardt

Sorta taken aback by this, though I guess with the thousands of people who come thru LibriVox, it was going to happen eventually. A member of our little world (tho he never recorded), and a busy volunteer in Project Gutenberg, and Distributed Proofreaders, Robert Marquardt died this morning. (Cancer). I had a couple of exchanges […]

Schopenhauer & LibriVox on Youtube

As far as I know, this is the first youtube vid using LibriVox audio. This is DE. Wittkower reading Schopenhauer’s Studies in Pessimism. Music is Richard Wagner’s Rheingold. I’m not sure the providence of the images.

I love when I discover richer and more varied uses for podcasts. Jim Mowatt, a long-time LibriVox guy, and a retired force behind the LibriVox community podcast, has just launched a podcast about history. He did wonderful work on the LV podcast, so I’ll bet this one will be a goodie, for you History buffs. […]