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rococo camp – starts tomorrow

I really dropped the ball helping out Evan and Robin (and the rest of the team) on Rococo Camp … But I will be there! What: Rococo Camp When: Friday May 2007 18th to Sunday the 20th Where: SAT, 1195 St-Laurent, Montréal (Métro St-Laurent) What is it? Well, nominally it’s about wiki, but it’s really […]

barcamp (and an invite to women)

First: Barcamp is this weekend. Deets: Where : Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), 1195 Boul. St. Laurent [Google Map] When : Saturday, April 28th, 2007 at 9:30 a.m. What : a free (un)conference, where everyone is invited to make a presentation. (more or less). Also, I got in trouble a while back because I […]

globalvoices redesign

Boris (with help from Jer) has just launched the redesign of GlobalVoicesOnline, which: …aggregates, curates, and amplifies the global conversation online – shining light on places and people other media often ignore [more …] The site is jam packed with info from blogs all over the world, and this new design is much cleaner & […]

pdsounds launched

Stephan, a hard-core LibriVox volunteer/admin (maker of the LV poster), has launched a new exciting project: …(pd for “public domain”). About: With recording devices and microphones pdsounds volunteers acoustically discover the beauty of the world. From the million sounds of things to the pure waves of sinus. Our goal is to record it all […]

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DemoCamp Montreal! #2

Oops I forgot to mention, I am presenting Collectik at DemoCamp Montreal on Thursday. DemoCamp is a free (un)conference, where local tech folk present their alpha, beta, or operational software, to local interested tech folk (other developers, angels etc). I’m on the bill with 4 others I think. Deets: Where : Society for Arts and […]

Brett & OpenSourceCinema

Brett Gaylor, Montreal film-maker, vlogger, Homeless Nation guy, and Atwater Digital Project Advisory Committee member (and pal) is making a documentary film about music, copyright, and remix culture, with funding from the National Film Board. Part of the idea behind the film is to get people (that means you!) to provide content (audio, video, and […]

academia, grammar, and getting things done

I’ve had a few verbal (written or out loud) jousting matches with a number of academicy people of late. Curiously, all the debates were with women doing interesting things, mostly with an academic background: data liberationist, and GeoGal Tracey and I had a discussion about theory and practice as it relates to rethinking how politics […]

people from podcamptoronto

I was at podcamp in Toronto last weekend (check out the archive of videos of the presentations), and ran into a number of people doing great things. From the start I was excited by podcasting not because of the obvious things it would do, but the things that aren’t so obvious. The obvious thing is […]


A couple of events to attend: democamp: local techies show off their alpha software … Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), 1195 Boul. St. Laurent, Tuesday February 27th, 2007. 6:30pm to 8:30pm. beercamp: a beer-fueled collective programming party, to help Brett get his site firing on all cylinders before the SXSW conference in March. […]