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wednesday picks: arthur, mossdale & dunbar

Some real audio treats this week at earideas/wednesday picks: SciFi loses a great one, with the death of Arthur C. Clarke; a beautiful and tragic story of death in the Mossdale caves; and the mystery of Bobby Dunbar. [thanks to Matt for the tip on dunbar]

Wednesday Picks: Admiral Fallon, Butch Vig, Architecture

Earideas Wednesday Picks: US Admiral Fallon retires over Iran & Iraq; Sound Opinions with Butch Vig, producer of Sonic Youth and Nirvana, among others; and Architecture prof Robert Jan van Pelt, on Auschwitz, architecture and education. Listen here.

Wednesday Picks

This week from Earideas Wednesday Picks: on Glenn Gould’s radio masterpieces, funny politics trumpeted from the UK and New York, and trying to answer the question, “what is time?”

earideas wednesday picks

earideas wednesday picks, of the best audio of the week, from CBC Ideas with John Gray, TVO Big Ideas with Rory Stewart, and WNYC RadioLab with a bunch of people: This week, talk of Utopia, and the blood that has flown in its name. Also, an inspiring look at the emptiness of space. See more […]

Wednesday Picks from Earideas

Oops, forgot to point to this week’s best audio, Wednesday Picks from Earideas: This week: Karl Rove on the presidential race; evolution, the human brain, and economics; and the New Yorker’s new poetry editor, Paul Muldoon, talks music and verse. [link…]

wednesday picks

This week’s Wednesday Picks from earideas include: the democratization of innovation; the scientific genius of Leonardo da Vinci; and master short story writer Mavis Gallant. Check it out.

defining what you are for (just like porn)

All sorts of institutions are in big trouble because of the internet, and they’re scared as hell. Newspapers can’t figure out how they’ll keep making money; the music business is terrified that its business model is evaporating. Britannica has faded to irrelevance for anyone with an internet connection. I think that’s the tip of things, […]

Wednesday Picks from earideas

Some good audio this week, recommended in the Earideas blog: This week, an obituary for an electroinnovator, groovy tunes from West Indian Girl, and an introduction to the world of the Evangelical movement in the USA. Who are these Evangelicals?: One of the most fascinating stories of our time is the rise of the evangelical […]

Earideas Launch

Today’s the day! We’re launching … an audio directory of the best audio on the net. Why is different? * it’s a curated collection – only the very best quality is in there * it’s targeted – the collection slants to public radio, “for thinkin’ folks” * it’s built for people who don’t […]