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Access to Public Sector Information

Tracey Lauriault (my co-founder of, and the tireless editor of) and I have a chapter in a just-released book out of the University of Sydney Press: Access to Public Sector Information : Law, Technology and Policy, edited by Brian Fitzgerald. Ours is chapter 14 in Volume 1: “Data Access in Canada:” Access to […]

18th C Social Networks

I can’t recall where I found this, but it’s very very cool:

Billion Dollar Gram

From Information Is Beautiful: Infographic on various billions spent, or planned, or earned:

Open Dinosaur Project

This, I love: The Open Dinosaur Project was founded to involve scientists and the public alike in developing a comprehensive database of dinosaur limb bone measurements, to investigate questions of dinosaur function and evolution. We have three major goals:1) do good science; 2) do this science in the most open way possible; and 3) allow […]

Beers for Canada: Fundraiser

For the price of a beer (or a pitcher, or a round), you can support … the non-profit that promotes online tools for government transparency, openness and accessibility around government and civic data (yay!). They’ve got a little fundraiser going, in celebration of Canada Day: Beers for Canada … How we’ll spend your money […]

datalibre alive again!

After a long hiatus due to a wordpress hack, datalibre is back up and running. I did a full reinstall of wp, a full update of the theme files, and put in most of the customization (I think). So we’re back to agitating for data freedom in Canada, to whit: is a group blog, […]

sell your US bank stocks

See: this …

when everyone knows everything

Instant info everywhere kills the secret, out-of-the-way gem: As GPS transceivers become common accessories in cars, the benefits have been manifold. Millions of us have been relieved of the nuisance of getting lost or, even worse, the shame of having to ask a passerby for directions. But, as with all popular technologies, those dashboard maps […]

steve vs facebook

The delete-my-Facebook crusade continues over chez Steve: So, I ask Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg and co.: Why don’t you let users leave Facebook when they want to? Why are you so much more adamant about holding on to our data than any other social network? What, exactly, are you trying to hide? I agree wholeheartedly […]


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