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Copyright Consultations – Hurry!

There are five days left in the federal government’s copyright consultations. Go make your voices heard! For more info, see Michael Geist’s info page: Speak Out on Copyright.

Canadian Copyright Consultations

The Government of Canada is holding copyright consultations, which you can answer by sending an email to the this address [info AT copyrightconsultation DOT gc DOT ca] which answers the following questions: 1. How do Canada’s copyright laws affect you? How should existing laws be modernized? 2. Based on Canadian values and interests, how should […]

RIP: A Remix Manifesto – Pay what you want

Brett’s swinging copyright film RIP: A Remix Manifesto is now a pay-what-you-want download. Sweet.

Brett on BBC

Brett’s movie, RIP: A Remix Manifesto on the BBC:

Economic Crisis & IP Policy

Canada’s feisty copyright lawyer, Howard Knopf, explores how good intellectual policy could help Canada thru the economic mess: Most governments are now taking decisive steps towards decisions on and implementation of major stimulus/investment packages to rescue, resuscitate and even reinvent national and international economies. Canada, apparently, is going about this in its own way, with […]

Why Copyright?

From Michael Geist:

Public, Counterpublic and the Web

I’m doing a Master’s in Concordia Media Studies program, or at least part of a Master’s (taking just one class at the moment). Below is a paper I just wrote for the Media Theory class I am taking (with Charles Acland). After doing much writing in the past years – blogging, novel writing, article-making, it […]

Creative Commons Fundraiser

Creative Commons launches their 2008 fundraising campaign: Creative Commons has now officially launched its 2008 fundraising effort – our Build the Commons Campaign. Many skeptics think this is a precarious time to launch our major fundraising initiative; we disagree. This is an opportunity. An opportunity to call our community members to action – to help […]

Michael Geist Talking Monday Night

Michael Geist, University of Ottawa law professor, and Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law, will be in Montreal to discuss Canada’s proposed copyright legislation, Bill C-61. Professor Geist is a leading voice in the debates around Canada’s place in the digital future. He writes a weekly column for the Toronto Star, and blogs […]

Copyright conflicts & Canada’s media

You know one of the problems about this whole copyright debate is the massive conflict of interest in reporting it in our media companies, which also happen to be our ISPs. Canada’s top 6 ISPs, in order of customer base, are: Bell Sympatico, Shaw, Telus, Rogers, Vidéotron, Cogeco. Looking at what these companies do other […]