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CBC to Torrent?

Via Michael Geist: Sources indicate that the CBC is set to become the first major North American broadcaster to freely release one of its programs without DRM using BitTorrent. This Sunday, CBC will air Canada Next Great Prime Minister. The following day, it plans to freely release a high-resolution version via peer-to-peer networks without any […]

finding the core

Just posted a comment on Dan Misener’s blog (Dan now runs CBC radio, from what I can tell), that I thought was worth repeating here. Dan’s post was about connective tissue, says he: On Spark, we’re trying really hard to make the show’s connective tissue live up to its content. That comes in the form […]

congrats to CBC radio!

Because I love good radio, I get very angry with CBC for their bad radio, of which the examples are abundant. However…I must offer a big public congrats to them for two new shows: Spark, a great show about tech and trends hosteb by the so very excellent Nora Young; and Search Engine, another fine […]

CBC podcasts have ads

Whoa. CBC podcasts have advertisement bumpers. Our public broadcaster is selling cars with our podcasts. What do you think of that? And not a peep on Inside the CBC. Nothing on Teamakers. Nothing on (of course). For instance, on Between the Covers [mp3]. Wondering what to think of it.

CBC 6-point plan

Ouimet over at Teamakers is throwing her hat into the ring as a candidate for CBC President. Me too. Here is my 6-point plan: 1. Podcast everything audio (none of this “best-of” stuff), and put *all* CBC TV on Youtube (leave the ads in). Do you want people to consume your stuff? Then let them. […]