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PressBooks August News

Some news from PressBooks land: Happy August to you all. Here are some quick announcements from PressBooks Worldwide Headquarters, including the following: 1. New front page 2. New webbook / readview designs 3. Pricing announced 4. Distribution (to Kindle, Nook, iBooks etc) 5. Import from WordPress 6. Improved CSS 7. Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto Part […]

Good Links – Weekly (July 10)

The Great Montreal Link Exchange continues (sorry this is late): Every week Mitch (w / t) picks a link for me and a link for Alistair (w / t). Alistair and I do the same. Losing Our Cool”: The high price of staying cool. Alistair for Hugh: Since Montreal’s in the middle of a heat […]

Ten Thoughts about Social Media Marketing

I gave a workshop at the annual YES Montreal Entrepreneurship Conference about social media & marketing. Here it is: Ten Thoughts on Social Media & Marketing View more presentations from Hugh McGuire. Here are my ten thoughts: 1. Marketing isn’t convincing people to buy your stuff. Marketing is making sure that the people who want […]

In L’Actualité

Il y’a une petite article dans L’Actualité (Sept 09) sur Book Oven et LibriVox: « Le numérique ne tuera pas l’édition traditionnelle, mais il va la changer », dit Hugh McGuire. Cet ancien ingénieur en mécanique âgé de 35 ans lançait en 2007 un autre collectif, Earideas, qui recense les balados (podcasts) de l’heure sur le […]

BookExpo America Panel

I’ve been invited by Mike Shatzkin to join a panel at BookExpo Amercia the details of which are as follows: Digital Debut Tool Time An insider’s presentation of new and soon-to-be-mainstreamed web-based entities providing innovative digital services and tools to authors, publishers and readers. Moderator: Mike Shatzkin – Founder & CEO, Idea Logical Co, Inc […]

Media Hacks #7: How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Here is Media Hacks #7, about where the bucks are or aren’t in online advertising. This episode, an intimate trio performs for your pleasure: C.C. Chapman, Mitch Joel and me. LISTEN HERE: Media Hacks: Episode 6. Or: Mp3 download.

Music Business Learning?

This is a pretty extraordinary article from Bloomberg, nominally about the hot new music site/service, Spotify (not available in Canada or the US yet). What was striking: the execs from the music business, including Michael Nash, Warner’s SVP Digital Strategy and Business Development, finally cottoned on that the real challenge of the music business is […]

The Cisco Kid

John Chambers, CEO of CISCO on what the future holds, from MITWorld. He thinks we are about to see the most fundamental change in businesses and government that we’ve ever seen, moving from command and control to collaboration and teamwork.

Media Hacks #4: Economy, Advertising, News & Books

Media Hacks #4: a conversation about the economy, advertising, newspapers, books and where the money might be, with C.C. Chapman, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, Mitch Joel and me. LISTEN HERE: Media Hacks: Episode 4

Newspapers: It’s Not Me, It’s You (Maybe)

With all the talk of newspapers shutting down, I wonder if we might flip the traditional interpretation: Maybe the problem is not so much online news sources killing off business for print newspapers; maybe the problem is the continued existence of print newspapers is stifling innovation in the online news space. Since so much (local) […]