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SXSW Panel: When Every Book Is Connected

My colleague, co-founder, and the chief architect and getter-doner at Book Oven, Stephanie Troeth has proposed a moderated panel at SXSW this year called: Beyond Publishing: When Every Book is Connected to Everyone We have an all-star line-up who have agreed to join us (if SXSW agrees to give us some space to talk): Kassia […]

Book Oven in the Gazette

Roberto Rocha of the Montreal Gazette has a good article about Book Oven and the new publishing landscape, with a nice pic out the window of the office (with me blocking the view, unfortunately): Before the Internet, when a writer could not find a publisher to print and sell a manuscript, he could take matters […]

Opening the Doors of the Book Oven

Book Oven Open for Cooking We’ve been toiling away behind the scenes on the Book Oven for a few months. Now we’re ready to show you what we’ve been cooking. But there’s still work to do, and we want your help in building a new model for publishing. Are you a writer? An editor? A […]

Ray Bradbury on Montreal Summer, 2009

August 22 is Ray Bradbury’s 89th birthday. Here’s the opening of his short story, The Long Rain, about summer in Montreal: The rain continued. It was a hard rain, a perpetual rain, a sweating and steaming rain; it was a mizzle, a downpour, a fountain, a whipping at the eyes, an undertow at the ankles; […]

My Thoughts on BookcampTo

It’s been … wow, almost three weeks since BookCamp Toronto, and I guess I should get around to writing out some thoughts. So in no particular order, here are some of my personal reactions to the event: 1. What a great event I have been involved as a participant and an organizer of numerous unconference […]

Time, Love, Books

This is my presentation at the BookNetCanada Tech Forum in March, titled: Time, Love & Books. Sorry, there is 1 slide only, for you Powerpoint buffs. I talk about audiobooks, time acquisition, LibriVox, Google, the link, and the digital archaeology of love. And Hinton, Alberta. Link to the vid.

The Dead

One of the reasons I started LibriVox, I think, was so that I could make an audio recording of “The Dead,” by James Joyce, from his collection Dubliners. It is a story of such grace and skill; the build up slow and good-humoured and banal, but when that last section finally comes, it contains so […]

Interview with CBC about the Future of Books

One of my favourite podcasts/radio shows is CBC’s Spark, with the lovely Nora Young. Spark covers technology and society, and Nora is a wonderful interviewer of wonderful guests. So I was thrilled when Nora asked me to talk with her about the future of books in the digital age, after our experience of putting on […]

BookCamp in National Post

There’s a nice article, and some goofy pictures of me, about BookCampToronto in the National Post: While some may bristle at a group of outsiders spearheading discussion on the future of books, the industry response has been positive. “I really think I’m going to get in trouble for saying this, but book publishing needs to […]

BookExpo America Panel

I’ve been invited by Mike Shatzkin to join a panel at BookExpo Amercia the details of which are as follows: Digital Debut Tool Time An insider’s presentation of new and soon-to-be-mainstreamed web-based entities providing innovative digital services and tools to authors, publishers and readers. Moderator: Mike Shatzkin – Founder & CEO, Idea Logical Co, Inc […]