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friday mixed tape: fela

I might be wrong, but I don’t think ever in the next couple of generations will we see someone like Fela Kuti, afrobeat legend, rebel, dissident, and one-time Nigerian Presidential candidate. Fela seemed to straddle the harsh present of the sixties/seventies, with something ancient … in a way that no one now would be able […]

wednesday guest tape: cheese metal from mitch

I know Mitch has a youtube music video problem, just like me (in fact, I may have given him his first taste of the sweet sonic tonic of nostalgia). Anyway, a while back I asked if Mitch wanted to guest curate a youtube mixed tape session. He said: hells ya. Took me a while to […]

friday mixed tape: war, what is it good for?

As we head into the 2008 US Presidential race, here are a few videos to inform the foreign policy debates. Edwin Starr: War (1969) The song inspired by the original title of Tolstoy’s War & Peace. Bruce Cockburn – If I Had A Rocket Launcher (1983) Apparently, someone once asked Eddie Van Halen: “How does […]

Wednesday Picks from Earideas

Oops, forgot to point to this week’s best audio, Wednesday Picks from Earideas: This week: Karl Rove on the presidential race; evolution, the human brain, and economics; and the New Yorker’s new poetry editor, Paul Muldoon, talks music and verse. [link…]

friday mixed tape: university days

Some tunes from my days at university. Rheostatics: Christopher (1990) I loved these modern Canadian artrock progsters. I’ve seen them live more than any other band, and I guess I have most of their albums too. Skydiggers: I’m Wondering (1993) My roommate Matty used to say, “I don’t get why everyone likes this band, it […]

friday mixed tape: TV Theme Songs

This week, TV theme songs. Greatest American Hero I can’t really remember this show all that well, but I sure remember the song. The Littlest Hobo To meet my cancon requirements. [Also: another shower favourite] … for my international readers, Littlest Hobo was a Lassie-esque show about a dog that wandered around Southern Ontario, solved […]

friday mixed tape: spelling songs

The eighties were a difficult time for the human race: so lost, so confused. This confusion came out in the music, in the dancing, in the haircuts, and most especially in the rock videos. But throughout those dark days, we were always learning new things, learning old things… learning to spell, for instance. This week, […]

earideas wednesday picks

from comes the earideas wednesday picks, three great bits of audio from the past week. this week: some wacky quantum science, a good old fashioned podcast with every quirk you might like, and an onion report that made me laugh out loud. [link to: wednesday picks] [link to: earideas]

friday mixed tape: the blizzart years

In the year 2000, I split up with my girlfriend, and was going to move to New York City in six months, for a new job. I was twenty-six, and I spent many evenings of those six months hanging out, and occasionally dancing into the wee hours at a bar called Blizzarts, owned by my […]

wonderful audio

If you like thought-provoking tech audio, Jon Udell has put up a list of his 2007 Interview’s with Innovators series that deal with: “socially innovative uses of technology.” My LibriVox interview with Jon is on there. And for a wider net, Phil Windley lists the top 10 downloads from IT Conversations.