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hughscast(?)#1: nokia audiobooks

This is an audio interview with Janne Vainio, an audio engineer at Nokia, who put together the Audiobooks project at Nokia’s BetaLabs. The project features LibriVox books as the first test books for download, in a special optimized format. From the about of the project: Nokia Audiobooks is a beta concept that enables you to […]

friday mixed tape: rock n roll revival

In 2001 a new breed of Velvet Underground-influenced, old-aesthetic rock started rolling out of a few bands. It was old and it was new and it was good again. Here are some of the tunes I remember. The Strokes: Last Night (2001) OK, so the Strokes ended up being disappointing. We all wanted them to […]

worst song in the world winner announcement

Chris Hughes wins with his entry of Life is Life, by Opus. Truly the worst song in the world. Beer and cookies will be offered, for free, next time Chris is in Montreal.

friday mixed tape: john hughes movies

Writer/director John Hughes had a string of movies in the eighties that were definitive for a certain-type of middle class North American early-teen (ie. a type like me). They were usually about angsty high school seniors, rich kids (mostly cool jerks) and their less-well-off school mates (alienated music-lovers with soul), and usually a Romeo-Juliet story […]

friday mixed tape: worst song ever

Here are my candidates. Please submit your own. A committee of editors from the Friday Mixed Tape team will review and make an Official pronouncement in one week. Huey Lewis and the News: Hip to Be Square (1986) Phil Collins: Sussudio (1985) Starship: We Built This City (on Rock and Roll) (1985) The amazing this […]

radiolab live

Just got this email, from Radiolab, about the best thing going in audio these days: Dear Hugh, I see you’re a Radio Lab fan. I also see you’re up in Montreal, so you probably won’t be able to make it, but I wanted to let you know that Radio Lab’s Season 4 Premiere Listening takes […]

Wednesday Picks

This week from Earideas Wednesday Picks: on Glenn Gould’s radio masterpieces, funny politics trumpeted from the UK and New York, and trying to answer the question, “what is time?”

LibriVox: Apologia

Been a while since I wrote a longish piece on LibriVox. Peter Kerry Powers, a Professor of English and chair of the English department at Messiah College, wrote a piece about audio books, and LibriVox, here. I commented on that post, Peter answered here, and this was my comment to on his second piece (i’ve […]

friday mixed tape: make out music

Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day. Here’s some tunes to make the moments last: Sade: Smooth Operator (1984) Another song I loved as a kid, got embarrassed by as a teen. But now I think Sade was on to something. Smooth Operator indeed. Barry White: Can’t Get Enough of Your Love Babe (1974) I […]


I listen to lots of audio, my preference being radio documentaries while cooking. Yesterday I listened to the best thing I have heard in ages, a piece by WNYC’s RadioLab called Space: In the 60’s, space exploration was an American obsession. But the growing reality of space has turned the romance to cynicism. We chart […]