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Her Morning Elegance

From Oren Lavie: Oren Lavie’s flash site (sigh). And a live set on Morning Becomes Eclectic. [via @mdash]


Just posted over at LibriVox: Just in time for your 2008/09 new year’s celebration, LibriVox has reach another great milestone, by cataloging our 2,000th book, Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. VI. The rest of the series can be found here: The History of the Decline and […]

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields, by John McCrae. Read by Gord, Kristen, Kara, Mike, Randomdad, Mark, and me, for LibriVox. I believe it was our first “weekly poem,” and was Mike’s idea. These were all recorded around November 11, 2005.

Knitted Animation: Tricot Machine

Knitted animation, a music video of the song Les peaux de lièvres, from Montreal band Tricot Machine… wow: [via Knitguy]

LibriVox on O’Reilly

O’Reilly TOC blog has an interview with … me! …. about LibriVox: LibriVox is a volunteer effort with a big goal: record audiobook editions for every title in the public domain. In the following Q&A, LibriVox founder Hugh McGuire discusses the project’s beginnings, the organic development of the LibriVox community, and the distinctions (or lack […]

Tolstoy and the iPhone

[Also published at Huffpo] I just came into possession of an iPod Touch, which is more or less the iPhone without the phone part (my friend Matt got an iPhone, so I inherited his Touch). I got the little gadget the night before a trip to San Francisco, and I loaded it up with audiobooks […]

The Cognitive Life of Bacteria

The most fascinating bit of audio I’ve heard in a long while, The secret life of bacteria – small, smart and thoughtful, from Australian Radio National: We can´t survive without them — and we´ve long underestimated their prowess. Controversially, bacteria could even have cognitive talents that rival our own. Predatory behaviour, cooperation, memory — Jules […]

iPod and Philosophy

Dylan Wittkower, LibriVox’s resident philosopher and reader of such gems as Schopenhauer’s Studies in Pessimism, and JS Mill’s Untilitarianism, has edited a new academic/popular text, The iPod and Philosophy. I have a blurb on the back of the book, getting the pole position ahead of Clay Shriky (!).

365 Days of LibriVox Audio

This past weekend, LibriVox reached an extraordinary milestone: our catalog now contains 365 days worth of free, public domain audiobooks. So, if you started to listen to the catalog today, spending 24-hours-a-day with your headphones, it would take you a full year to listen to our entire current catalog. By which time, you’ll have hours […]

the intimacy of audio

I gave a semi-impromptu presentation/discussion yesterday at Podcamp Montreal* on “The Intimacy of Audio.” I’ve always felt that audio is the most intimate communication medium, and in the session yesterday I wanted to explore the idea of intimacy further. In particular, I wonder how we can build and use technology to help people become more […]