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poetic spam, spam-poetry

Shoot, when I did my “research” before putting up I didn’t find any sites dedicated to the poetry of spam. Or at least, I didn’t think I did. I just came across … which appears to have been at it since 2003 (!). And now I find AND AND spam poems […]

friday mixed tape: my first tapes

When I was a kid I spent summers at my uncle’s farm in Ontario. All my cousins are older than me – and the youngest was Moira, so she spent the most time with me I guess. In 1980 I was 6 years old, and Moira was probably in her late teens, and I remember […]

Poetic Spam

So I just started a new little project, a literary journal called Poetic Spam…deets: Poetic Spam is a literary journal that celebrates the poetry of spam. Submission guidelines: 1. poetic spam submissions must be legitimate spam (email or comment), whose poetic quality glows through its spamminess 2. you may submit spam snippets, rather than the […]

evans on books

Sometime-Montrealer, occasional yulblogger, and fiction-writer Jon Evans has an article in the Walrus, called: Apocalypse Soon: The Future of Reading, about books, ebooks, the Internet, and publishing. Starting para: A few years ago, my first novel was published. It did pretty well, won an award, was translated and sold around the world; the movie rights […]

mixed tape: cheezball slow songs of the 80s

Bit late for the Friday Youtube Mixed Tape, but here it is anyway. Tacky tearjerkers from mid-eighties, that are still fun to listen to (for a while anyway): Foreigner: I Wanna Know What Love Is Corey Hart: Never Surrender And, of course: Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the Heart

God’s Billboards

Reuben did a roadtrip through the States, and among other things, took pics of Church billboards. Fruits of his (and God’s) labour include: “Our Church is Cool with AC and JC.” And: See the slideshow here.

bergman is dead. long live bergman.

A short work of genius: The Dove (short), 1968 (mp4). (via Martine)

quick shot of literature

Says da boing: The New York Public Library has just installed an Espresso book-on-demand machine and they’ll print any of over 200,000 public domain titles from the Open Content Alliance free of charge for any patron. [more…]

do you like rube goldberg machines?

Me too. Link

youtube mixed tape: genderbending

This weeks theme: genderbending. Rough Trade: High School Confidential Lou Reed: Walk on the Wild Side (Live, Brussels, 1974) The Kinks: Lola (Check out how excited the drummer is to be playing. It’s all he can do not to yawn!)