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From Matt:

supersonic shockwaves

I’m not a gadget/gear junkie, but the mechanical engineer in me (I didn’t like much of my engineering courses, but I enjoyed fluid dynamics) thought this photo was pretty darned neat: A closeup [below], notice the visual distortion caused by the shockwaves… cool huh? The jet is not yet supersonic, but is in the transonic […]

cool pic of mtl

Never seen a shot of the city from this perspective: [pic by caribb; via spacingmontreal]

Concept for my next office…

Something like this maybe? see more here.

creation: two schools of thought

great parallel video(s) about the creation of the universe: [via infosthetics]

the shape of the waves

Ever wonder what those wifi and rfid and gsm waves in the air actually *look* like? Sorta like this: See more fictional radio spaces here. [via infoesthetics]

RIP, Oscar Peterson

david byrne on why CDs aren’t music

David Byrne talks about music and business in a great article in Wired. What is music? First, a definition of terms. What is it we’re talking about here? What exactly is being bought and sold? In the past, music was something you heard and experienced — it was as much a social event as a […]

Schopenhauer & LibriVox on Youtube

As far as I know, this is the first youtube vid using LibriVox audio. This is DE. Wittkower reading Schopenhauer’s Studies in Pessimism. Music is Richard Wagner’s Rheingold. I’m not sure the providence of the images.

(SpamPoem): I used to believe the stock market

I haven’t been posting much to my project poetic spam, since I found out there are many spam poem sites out there. But I just published one today, which I thought was pretty moving: I used to believe the stock market would make me rich. All I needed to do was pick the right stock […]