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pictures of desks

MontrealTechWatch has a few pics from YulGeek entrepreneurs’ desks, including mine.

Animaris Rhinoceros Transport

Theo Jansen is a kinetic sculptor. Animaris Rhinoceros Transport is a sculpture powered entirely by wind: See another vid. And from TED.

documentaries and the web

A good friend of mine is a documentary film maker; more than that. His latest film, about violinist Malcolm Goldstein is a challenging and brilliant work of art in itself, much more than a typical portrait documentary. The market for a film like that is small – a few festivals, hundreds, maybe a few thousand […]

what jazz looks like

Sometimes I wish I was still a kid: [via:]

worst song in the world winner announcement

Chris Hughes wins with his entry of Life is Life, by Opus. Truly the worst song in the world. Beer and cookies will be offered, for free, next time Chris is in Montreal.

social media for inanimate objects

From Infovore: I’ve written before about how wonderful Twitter can be as a messaging bus for physical objects. The idea of overhearing machines talking about what they’re doing is, to my mind, quite delightful. So when I found an untapped data source for such an object, I thought it was worth having a poke. Half […]

punk’s not dead

A Rails conference, in Toronto, says: RubyFringe is an avant-garde conference for developers that are excited about emerging technologies outside of the Ruby on Rails monoculture. We’re sick of the sold-out and over-sold labradoodle shows that are now staged with alarming frequency. In response, we’re mounting a unique and eccentric gathering of the people and […]

the making of footloose

Footloose is surely one of the great cinematic achievements of the 1980s, but these years later it’s not Kevin Bacon “dancing away oppression” that we remember most, but rather the searing sounds of Kenny Loggins’ unforgettable theme song, Footloose, which surely was the soundtrack of a generation of youth who were “yearning burning for some/ […]

competence when chips are down

From an article by Andy Rutledge, about design & martial arts, but applicable to anything related to life, I think: In short, it is simply not enough to be highly competent under the best of circumstances, when you’re filled with inspiration and all the gears are turning. What matters most—and most often—is how competent you […]

wednesday picks

This week’s Wednesday Picks from earideas include: the democratization of innovation; the scientific genius of Leonardo da Vinci; and master short story writer Mavis Gallant. Check it out.