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semantic randomness

DadaDodo works rather differently than Dissociated Press; whereas Dissociated Press (which, incidentally, refers to itself as a “travesty generator”) simply grabs segments of the body of text and shuffles them, DadaDodo tries to work on a larger scale: it scans bodies of text, and builds a probability tree expressing how frequently word B tends to […]

Youtube Screening Room

Youtube has just launched the Screening Room, “connecting films and audiences in the world’s largest theater.” They launched with the truly fabulous NFB short animation, The Danish Poet (what’s not to like about Norway, poets, true love and falling cows?). I’ve been waiting for more of this kind of thing for a few years now, […]

smithsonian on flickr commons

The Smithsonian is putting a collection of public domain photos on Flickr, part of the Flickr Commons project. Here’s an example, with this curious description: After parcel post service was introduced [in the US] in 1913, at least two children were sent by the service. With stamps attached to their clothing, the children rode with […]

wordle & librivox is fun. Here is this post wordled:

buck-fifty librivox

We just hit 1,500 items in the LibriVox catalog. The lucky audiobook is: Four Great Americans, by James Baldwin. This was the 96th book published in May, and we are on track for a 100-book month, which would smash our previous record of 77 books set in July 2007.

Art and nothing but art!

Art and nothing but art! It is the great means of making life possible, the great seduction to life, the great stimulant of life…. Art as the redemption of the man of knowledge–-of those who see the terrifying and questionable character of existence, who want to see it, the men of tragic knowledge. Art as […]

dante’s inferno – canto I

Dante’s Inferno: Cori reads; Gustave Doré illustrates; and lucid videoifies.

monocle and comments

Dan Hill has a wonderful posting of Monocle design notes. There’s much good and thought-provoking stuff in there, particularly if you are interested in text as a medium, and the thinking behind the next generation of media, which sees web and print as different, and complementary, and builds both accordingly. This struck me particularly for […]

emotional attachment to machines

Since we were kids, most of us got emotionally attached to things that aren’t real: cartoons, teddy bears, and talking cars, for instance. Usually these attachments are built on the stories that surround, for instance, our teddy bears – stories we create. In the case of cartoons, it’s other people’s stories. But there’s something different, […]

novelist strike

from the onion: LOS ANGELES—The Novelists Guild of America strike, now entering its fourth month, has had no impact on the nation at all, sources reported Tuesday. The strike, which scholars say could be the longest since 1951, when American novelists may or may not have voluntarily committed to a six-month work stoppage, has brought […]