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What a wonderful site is BibliOdyssey … : Books~~Illustrations~~Science~~History~~Visual Materia Obscura~~Eclectic Bookart….eclectic and rare book illustrations derived from many digital repositories, accompanied by some background commentary. A cornucopia of eye candy for biblionerds. You can buy the book too. Pure visual joy.

Memoire des Anges

Last Friday, I went to the premier of the fabulous NFB film, Memoire des Anges, by Luc Bourdon (thanks, Matt). The movie is a love letter to Montreal of the 50s and 60s, and to the brilliant film-making that came out of the NFB at the time. It’s made up entirely of footage from NFB, […]

Ukelele’s & Wuthering Heights

Ah, art, I love you sometimes: This is a cover of Kate Bush’s 1978 (!) song, Wuthering Heights, about Emily Bronte’s book.

Scary Typewriter Robots

Jeremy Mayer’s typewriter robots: [link] [via JacketCopy]

Book Covers

Covers is a beautiful weblog dedicated to the appreciation of book cover design, run by Fwis, a design firm based out of Brooklyn, NY and Portland, OR. They post pics of covers, comment on them, and invite outside commentary. Some other nice covers can be found here and here.

The One AM Radio – A Brittle Filament

[via spectraversa]

Matt Ojingogoes

Matt just released his beautiful new book, Ojingogo. (I don’t think you can buy it online yet.) I’m not a great reader of graphic novels, but I must say I love Drawn & Quarterly’s store on Bernard, and the attention graphic novelists, their publishers, and their readers give to the object of the book. The […]

Against the Odds

This American Life can be a bit much at times, but some wonderful radio/podcasting comes out of the show. Ira Glass and gang often manage to get such moving stories out of people, with an underlying concept that people on the radio and in podcasts should sound like people. I’m a very minor closet Phil […]

23 skidoo

Humans are gone. The city remains. 23 Skidoo is a beautiful and chilling 1964 short, by Julian Biggs, from the NFB’s beta screening room. Wonderful sound track (Kathleen Shannon and Ted Haley) to go along with the lonely images. For those wondering, “23 skidoo” is a slang term from the 1910s meaning, more or less, […]

Stop Sawing the Table!

The National Film Board of Canada has launched their beta player, with a cornucopia of wonderful documentaries, shorts, animations and abstract films. Established in 1938, and then reincarnated in the 1950s, the NFB was one of those great Canadian enterprises from a time when Canada was interested in doing new and challenging things. The NFB […]