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songs in the tubes

First watch the video: [link] Julien posted about this vid, and I watched, and listened, and had a visceral reaction … which, when I later read Julien’s comments, turned out to be very similar to his. There are so many things to love about this vid, and much to make you ponder about how we […]

a couple of links

First, Ira Glass, the force behind This American Life, is, to me, something like a proto podcaster. That NPR radio show is just what I imagined podcasting would become, a collection of the stories of the world told in the voices of real people. And that was before I had ever heard This American Life […]

funny vid

this vid made me laugh out loud several times: S.H.R.T.M.S. – ep. 2 Testi-CRACK!

people from podcamptoronto

I was at podcamp in Toronto last weekend (check out the archive of videos of the presentations), and ran into a number of people doing great things. From the start I was excited by podcasting not because of the obvious things it would do, but the things that aren’t so obvious. The obvious thing is […]

BookReview: Next Episode

Next Episode product book by Hubert Aquin This is the second Aquin book I’ve read, both in English (for shame), and both left me with the same sense of wonderment at the confused brilliance from which they eminated. Next Episode is a slim book about (“about” seems such an imprecise preposition to attach to this […]

ben’s is no more

Ben’s the once-great Montreal smoked meat resto, is no more. I took some photos there late one night a couple of years ago. See the rest here.

wikipedia & bad writing

I love wikipedia, but there’s a glaring problem, something I’ve noticed more of late: the writing is often terrible. If you wanted to learn how to write good clear prose, Britannica is as good a model as any. Wikipedia is … not. Or, usually not. On the surface that doesn’t matter, since the primary objective […]

need a photographer

I have a job for a good photographer, easy work (I think), a pretty good sized check (USD) for an hour or two (or less) of work, and in exchange you have to buy me lunch or something. Let me know if you are interested, or if you know anyone who might be. Send me […]

1984 graphic novel

Robin mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, and I think I posted already, but I met Freddy last night. He’s making a fantastic graphic novel of Orwell’s 1984 (see: gutenberg australia’s ebook). Freddy is selling these posters for $12 a pop: And here is the opening scene (you can get it in B&W or […]