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Mitch Joel – videoblogger

mitch joel – videoblogger from Hugh on Vimeo

Thursday Aft Youtube/Mixtape (embedding disabled!)

Prisoner of Zefra?

The Canadian military, specifically the Directorate of Land Strategic Concepts , has put out a novel called Crisis in Zefra (pdf) to explore how emerging technologies might impact on combat. Written by Karl Schroeder . Here’s a quote from the novel, for Boris: “A number of young men and women are approaching your position,” shesaid. […]

URGENT: zeke and a court injunction

Yulblogger, podcaster, ilesansfiler, and art gallery/space guy Chris Hand, aka Zeke, has had his blog shut down (UPDATE: possibly permanently???) by a court injunction. The Montreal and Canadian blogging, free speech, rational people communities ought to be up in arms. I urge everyone to at least write about this to get this info out. It’s […]

Happy Bloomsday

In celebration of Bloomsday, 2007, LibriVox is releasing the long-awaited audio version of James Joyce’s Ulysses The work comprises more than 32 hours of audio, and the project took a year-and-a-half to complete, with scores of volunteer participants. Started in November 2005, it is one of LibriVox’s longest-running projects, and is also the longest text […]

ethical commerce

here’s a good guide, I think (slightly paraphrased): if it’s the kind of the thing I’d be happy to buy – it’s something I’m happy to sell. from Matt.

zeke in a spot of trouble

All the legalese is a bit much for me this morning, but it seems as if Chris Hand of Zeke’s Gallery/Blog/Podcast is in some trouble for writing about some allegedly shady dealings in Quebec’s art world. Court injunctions, cease and desists etc. Read more here here, here and here. Heri has a review of the […]

LibriVox and Laika in Reason Magazine

… LibriVox began in a vibrant section of Montreal called the Plateau, where 32-year-old Hugh McGuire lives with his wife…McGuire hangs out at Laika, a café and bar around the corner from his house that is popular with Montreal techies. At Laika, open source gurus, community WiFi evangelists, and A-list Web designers drink coffee, eat […]


Musica para 6 baterias y 1 apartamento – ZappInternet

vonnegut v2

Vonnegut is dead. I scoured my shelves for a copy of Palm Sunday to quote some gems about writing well, but I could not find it! … Must have lent it to someone? But here is the passage about writing an anti-war book: I said [I was writing a book about Dresden] to Harrison Starr, […]