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COVID stats for QC

I’ve been doing this on Facebook for a while, but maybe it’s better on the open web: Latest QC COVID data as we go back to school on Thursday. A couple of notes on data I’m showing: 1. I’ve added “test positivity %” as a metric. That is, what percentage of COVID tests are returning […]

Why #socialdistancing is life or death

(I haven’t written anything here in a long while, I guess the apocalypse is as good a time as any to get back at it.) Taking social distancing very seriously helps reduce the spread of COVID. The impacts are huge. The “natural” growth of COVID before major social distancing measures are in place is around […]

Do (Text)books still matter?

My old friend Patrick Tanguay asked me to write something for E-180 Mag (by the people behind the new education platform, E-180). I wrote about why books, and textbooks will always matter, even if the interface to books and textbooks might change. The core of the argument is: Books, and textbooks are still at the core of […]

What books can learn from the Web / What the Web can learn from books

I’ve got a new(ish) article up on Medium. Which I guess I should eventually add here. But in the mean time, here’s the beginning of “What books can learn from the Web / What the Web can learn from books“: In university I studied Philosophy, and Engineering, in a program called Applied Mathematics. I loved studying […]

Why can’t we read anymore?

Heh. I still have a “blog”… Here’s something I published somewhere else: Why can’t we read anymore? Or, can books save us from what digital does to our brains? Last year, I read four books. The reasons for that low number are, I guess, the same as your reasons for reading fewer books than you […]

Well, nice in the same breath

@timberners_lee @librivox two new unrelated twitter accounts I've found today. #loveyourwork — Oliver Webb (@Ollyonzo) March 12, 2014

“On Reading Aloud” by Sam Allingham

By Sam Allingham, in the Millions: That being said, there are precious few opportunities in life to read and be read to, and there is something utopian to me about the creation of a site like Librivox, which – unlike Goodreads, which is slowly but surely evolving into yet another marketing arm of Amazon – […]

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

I’ve never actually read A Tale of Two Cities, but I just read the opening sentence. You should too: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, […]

Nanowrimo Chapter from 2006 & the NSA

Back in 2006 I participated in a collaborative Nanowrimo novel, with a bunch of other LibriVox folk. Here is my chapter (from 2006)…which I resurface now for “fun” in light of all this NSA stuff. You can find the audiobook and links to the text here. I can’t remember how it ends! I guess we […]

I’m on CBC Radio Ideas: “Opening the Book”

I was asked to contribute to a CBC Radio documentary done for the show Ideas, called: “Opening the Book.” The doc features James Bridle, Bob Stein, Kylie Mirmohamadi, Sue Martin, and me, and was produced by Dave Redel and Sean Prpick. The book has stayed pretty much the same for over 500 years: a bunch of paper pages between […]