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well that was pretty easy…

dreamhost one-click install; uploaded theme and plugin folders by ftp; exported Dose xml file; imported dose xml file. a couple of tweaks left, and bob, as they say, is your uncle. for whatever faults wordpress has, it’s a pretty fantastic tool. welcome to my new and final abode, everybody! UPDATE: jeeze-bazeeze: opened the doors here […]

Software Licenses & Climate

WordwebPro is, apparently a good dictionary/thesaurus ap for Windows, and it’s free, which is not all that interesting. What is interesting is this provision in their free license: WordWeb may be freely used only by people who meet the conditions below. Global greenhouse gas emissions are currently around 1 tonne per person per year, and […]

no-jargon 10-point pledge

Jargony text & talk drives me crazy. I wrote previously pleading with you, dear readers, never to use the word “utilize” when all you mean is “use.” This stuff infects the pages and html of techies, marketing people and academics, and unsuspecting citizens as well. It’s contagious and dangerous. I am going to do my […]

need a photographer

I have a job for a good photographer, easy work (I think), a pretty good sized check (USD) for an hour or two (or less) of work, and in exchange you have to buy me lunch or something. Let me know if you are interested, or if you know anyone who might be. Send me […]

from TextoSolvo: Clarity (Why It Worked #1)

NOTE: I was in a bit of a conundrum about what to do with TextoSolvo vs. dose, and decided to just cross-post TextoSolvo articles (which are mostly about LibriVox) here. This is a cross-post. In the rough project outline I gave a long list of some of the reasons I think LibriVox has been successful. […]

dose: grand re-opening!

Welcome to the new dosemagazine … I moved from the old one, for a number of reasons: mainly, I am an adult now and thought it was about time I got my own server space, and officially launched the domain name I bought in 2002. Blogsome was a fine home for a long while, but […]


we have mice. they have started to make squeaky noises. when it was the odd rustle in far the pantry, or the much less common skitter across the floor, it was OK. but when they start sqeaking in the walls, that’s really too much.

setting up shop

This is the new & improved (?) dose. I am fiddling, tweaking, playing and trying to get it all to work properly. Comments welcome.

1984 graphic novel

Robin mentioned this a couple of weeks ago, and I think I posted already, but I met Freddy last night. He’s making a fantastic graphic novel of Orwell’s 1984 (see: gutenberg australia’s ebook). Freddy is selling these posters for $12 a pop: And here is the opening scene (you can get it in B&W or […]

geist & canada on net neutraliy

Michael Geist has a nice long bit on Canada’s take on Net Neutraity, and here he summarizes the Conservative position: We think blocking or prioritizing content may be acceptable, we recognize it is inconsistent with the recommendations of the Telecommunications Policy Review Panel, and we don’t care because we plan to the leave the issue […]