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Obama’s Speech: Inspiring Indignation

I’ve been saying for a long time that one of the problems with the Left/Democrats in the US is that they have been attacking Republican/Bush policies for the past 8 years on the wrong front, questioning the morality of what the US is doing. The problem with that tack is that morality is abstract, and […]

akoha sneak peek

I was at the Akoha top secret private screening demo thing last night. It’s ambitious, and complex… but it looks like they’ve done a good job of what they are trying to do (making doing good fun) in a way that just might work. I think many of us continue to think about how the […]

Marc Garneau, Technology, the Web

For some reason, I got contacted by Liberal Marc Garneau’s campaign (he’s running against Anne LagacĂ©-Dowson in a federal by-election in Wesmount-Ville Marie). They emailed me because I occasionally write political stuff on this blog, and invited me to an event. I said, probably not, but what does Marc think of the Conservatives new copyright […]