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Contest: Worst About Text on the Web

I am launching a contest: the Worst About Text on the Web. First paragraph only. Comment below with your entry, and a link to the offending text. An expert panel of Judges from Around the Universe will decide on the winner, announced one month from today (if anyone submits anything). Winner gets a free beer […]

steve vs facebook

The delete-my-Facebook crusade continues over chez Steve: So, I ask Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg and co.: Why don’t you let users leave Facebook when they want to? Why are you so much more adamant about holding on to our data than any other social network? What, exactly, are you trying to hide? I agree wholeheartedly […]

save griffintown

I’m always excited when the web starts having an impact on the actual city (or country) we live in. I am unlikely to go to a protest march or city hall to demand meetings with the mayor. I do send the odd nasty email to newspapers and politicians though, and I’ve seen three times online […]

earideas wednesday picks

earideas wednesday picks, of the best audio of the week, from CBC Ideas with John Gray, TVO Big Ideas with Rory Stewart, and WNYC RadioLab with a bunch of people: This week, talk of Utopia, and the blood that has flown in its name. Also, an inspiring look at the emptiness of space. See more […]