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hacking the noosphere

I had dinner with one of my favourite web writers last week, Jon Udell (along with a collection of other Montreal datahounds and web citizens). I like Jon’s stuff because he writes not about exploring the outer edge of the snowplow; but rather taking things from the snowplow blade and figuring out how they might […]

test the nation & gay people of colour

So I was on the silly quiz show, Test the Nation, on CBC, as a member of the blogger team (the questions were on 21st C trivia, with a focus on tech, gossip and news … guess which team won?). It was nice to meet some new cyber scribes from around the country, and I […]

wednesday picks

This week’s Wednesday Picks from earideas include: the democratization of innovation; the scientific genius of Leonardo da Vinci; and master short story writer Mavis Gallant. Check it out.