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openid (wordpress plugin)

I’m pretty sure openid (a centralized, secure sign-on) is a good idea. evan has a post explaining it, addressing some security worries (but his server seems to be down now, so i’ll have to link later) and here it is. anyway, i’ve just installed the wordpress openid plugin, so you can leave comments here using […]

earideas wednesday picks

from comes the earideas wednesday picks, three great bits of audio from the past week. this week: some wacky quantum science, a good old fashioned podcast with every quirk you might like, and an onion report that made me laugh out loud. [link to: wednesday picks] [link to: earideas]

wikia search

Jimmy Wales got hammered by Arrington for the launch of Wikia Search. Jimmy Wales comments on the techcrunch thread, with a salient point: When I launched Wikipedia, I wrote at the top of the first page “Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”. On that day, anyone reviewing it would have laughed. What’s this? There’s nothing here! This […]