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climate disaster

Jesus these Conservatives are a little over the top on their performance at the Climate talks in Bali, no? Canada hosted an event called “Turning the Corner on Climate Change” apparently about Canada’s climate plan, with Environment Minister John Baird speaking. Instead, a number of Canadian companies spoke about their products. Baird apparently poked his […]

copyright bill dead or alive?

Michael Geist reports that the Canadian copytright bill is expected to rise from the dead: There are rumours in Ottawa this evening that Industry Minister Jim Prentice has decided to forge ahead with the Canadian DMCA with the bill to be introduced tomorrow morning. I have two model letters that you could send (along with […]

financial scariness

I wrote a little bit about the subprime mortgage troubles a few months ago, and mostly we’ve all forgotten about it. Generally Canada has been well-insulated from the troubles, and probably most people have yet to be touched by the crisis directly. But anyone who thinks we’ve heard the last of it is wrong, I’ll […]

Wednesday Picks from earideas

Some good audio this week, recommended in the Earideas blog: This week, an obituary for an electroinnovator, groovy tunes from West Indian Girl, and an introduction to the world of the Evangelical movement in the USA. Who are these Evangelicals?: One of the most fascinating stories of our time is the rise of the evangelical […]