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congrats to CBC radio!

Because I love good radio, I get very angry with CBC for their bad radio, of which the examples are abundant. However…I must offer a big public congrats to them for two new shows: Spark, a great show about tech and trends hosteb by the so very excellent Nora Young; and Search Engine, another fine […]

blatchford on blogs

Globe columnist Christie Blatchford wrote an article about blogs … with the tiresome old complaint, “blogs are like little girls’ diaries” etc etc. and ended: “I do not blog, I have not blogged, I will not blog and, furthermore, I do not care to read blogs.” So, being the old crank that I am, I […] for

Youtube just launched (which resolves to So in honour of this annoying announcement (here’s what I think of it), this week we present to you Chilliwack: My Girl I actually had no idea that this song was Chilliwack, and hence Canadian. Actually a snappy little number. That’s the nice thing about […]