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idea for a good web advertising business

There are many web stores out there, many affiliate advertising programs (amazon etc), and an increasing number of web ad services (google adsense, amazon etc) that you can put on your site to make some bucks. google gives you whatever ads that usually are irrelevant, and amazon gives you their products. Proposal: a “meta” affiliate […] and the geo-restricted web

Michael Geist writes a worrying article about how the web is starting to look more and more like cable. Until recently, the Internet was precisely the opposite [of cable], offering unlimited user choice, continuous interactivity, and technological capabilities to copy and remix content. That is gradually changing as broadcasters seek to re-assert greater geographic control […]

launch of Defensio anti-spam

The enigmatic Mat Balez announces the official beta release of Defensio, a new anti-spam plugin for blogs: There’s a bunch of things to love about Defensio, including the ability to sort by “spaminess” (bubble those false positives up to the top of your spambox!), RSS feeds of your spam and ham, and individualized performance statistics. […]