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google books – whoa

I’m as much of a copyfighter as the next guy, and have some street cred in public domain, free culture circles. I think that big companies abuse copyright, and that draconican copyright systems stifle innovation and creativity, and further are no good for artists and creators. But I’ve never argued that copyright should be discarded, […]

CBC podcasts have ads

Whoa. CBC podcasts have advertisement bumpers. Our public broadcaster is selling cars with our podcasts. What do you think of that? And not a peep on Inside the CBC. Nothing on Teamakers. Nothing on (of course). For instance, on Between the Covers [mp3]. Wondering what to think of it.

friday mixed tape: big lungs

This week, some guys who look like they might burst a few blood vessels. Bruce Springsteen: Lost in the Flood This one is fantastic…what a build-up. Van Morrison & The Band: Caravan Check those moves!! Joe Cocker: With a Little Help from My Friends