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the only real divide

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been thinking lately about conservatives and progressives, and the problems of our current climate of political debate, heightened exponentially by cable news pundits in the USA. I have a trip to Saskatoon coming up, and I was thinking of contacting a few Sask bloggers, and Small Dead Animals comes […]

spying an the net

Interesting story about bin Laden, the net, and a bungle. Apparently, a private US security company, SITE Intelligence Group, breached Al-Qaeda’s internet system a couple of years ago. And in September they intercepted that video of bin Laden (before it was public)…and passed it along to US intelligence services, with the warning: don’t make it […]

can the government just give it away?

[cross-posted at] The Guardian UK Tech Section has an ongoing campaign to free UK government data, with an associated blog: Their campaign inspired a response from the Ordnance Survey titled: These maps cost us £110m. We can’t give them away for free. The response argues that the maps cost money, that the OS […]