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Corn Tumours?

I’ve never seen this before. My corn seems to have tumours. Anyone ever experienced this? UPDATE: Sean tells me it’s a fungus called black soot, aka corn smut (wikipedia): Corn smut is a disease of maize caused by the pathogenic plant fungus Ustilago maydis. U. maydis causes smut disease on maize (Zea mays) and teosinte […]

Casey in Guardian

Hey, sweet. Montreal video maven Casey McKinnon, of Galacticast and A Comic Book Orange, has an article in the (UK) Guardian, How Do You Beat Youtube, about what needs to happen in the online vid platform space. Congrats. UPDATE: Mat has an interesting response, from a consumer’s point of view. And he’s right on.

Laika Coffee Stirs the Heart

Every time I get a nicely layered Laika coffee, and watch the beauty of that first stir, I think to myself: If I ever make a movie, this will be the opening shot. Today I realized that with my little macbook pro isight camera, I could film it, and get that first shot I’ve always […]

Friday Mixed Tape: Men and Pianos

Tom Waits: Take Me Home Randy Newman: I Think It’s Going To Rain Today Elton John: Tiny Dancer

HMV sale on old CDs

Michael Geist on HMV’s decision to drop the price on back-catalog CDs: This week, HMV announced that it was reducing the price on hundreds of back-catalog CDs generating a surprising amount of news coverage (Post, CBC). The move is good for everyone – the recording industry gets an important retail outlet to reduce prices on […]