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Poetic Spam

So I just started a new little project, a literary journal called Poetic Spam…deets: Poetic Spam is a literary journal that celebrates the poetry of spam. Submission guidelines: 1. poetic spam submissions must be legitimate spam (email or comment), whose poetic quality glows through its spamminess 2. you may submit spam snippets, rather than the […]

youtube adds ads

Video advertising has started on the YouTube website, its owner – internet giant Google – has confirmed. Google said it had designed the way the adverts work on the video-sharing website to be as unobtrusive and undisruptive as possible. The adverts will begin 15 seconds after a user has started to watch a video, but […]

new industry minister & digitalia

Michael Geist is optimistic: Jim Prentice, Canada’s new Industry Minister, has been on the job for less than a week, yet his appointment has already sent a buzz through the business community. With a member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s inner circle now at the helm, promoting Canada’s global economic competitiveness promises to become a […]

how to demonstrate you are not a leader

From the world of rugby: England World Cup winner Ben Cohen has walked out on Northampton after being overlooked for the club captaincy. The 28-year-old winger has not attended training since losing out to Bruce Reihana for the role last Wednesday. [link…] And in so doing proved exactly why he is not fit to be […]

evans on books

Sometime-Montrealer, occasional yulblogger, and fiction-writer Jon Evans has an article in the Walrus, called: Apocalypse Soon: The Future of Reading, about books, ebooks, the Internet, and publishing. Starting para: A few years ago, my first novel was published. It did pretty well, won an award, was translated and sold around the world; the movie rights […]