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Trust on the Web

1. World Cup Tickets I am going to France for a couple of weeks in September…”coincidently” during the Rugby World Cup. We confirmed our trip after all the legit tickets for matches I would like to see had sold out. But I’d like to go to a game… so I searched on Craigslist, found someone […]

violating copyright: 2010

I first heard about Canada’s new Bill C-47 when I was printing off my artwork for this year’s graduation exhibition at the Emily Carr Institute. My artwork, the Transit Shelter Project, focuses on the current debates around the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and homelessness. As my artwork ran off the printer, the technician asked, “You know […]

God’s Billboards

Reuben did a roadtrip through the States, and among other things, took pics of Church billboards. Fruits of his (and God’s) labour include: “Our Church is Cool with AC and JC.” And: See the slideshow here.