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More anti-neutrality stuff

More from the Hands off the Internet (funded by these guys):

the anti-neutrality site

For those of you who think Net Neutrality is an important issue … here is the antidote: Hands off the Internet, which is: … a nationwide coalition of Internet users, manufacturers and network operators united in the belief that the Net’s phenomenal growth over the past decade will continue if government does not attempt an […]

press and canadian mobile data

The Canadian press is all over the brutal mobile data rates Canadian carriers charge (compared with reasonable rates elsewhere). An editorial in the Gazette; an editorial in the Ottawa Citizen, now a big article in the National Post. I agree with them, and I’ll wager that CanWest (who owns all three papers) has some big […]

bergman is dead. long live bergman.

A short work of genius: The Dove (short), 1968 (mp4). (via Martine)