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youtube mixed tape: late80s/early90s rap

LL Cool J: Mamma Said Knock You Out (east coast) Ice T: I’m Your Pusher (west coast) Maestro Fresh Wes: Let Your Backbone Slide (north coast)

Mirror on Atwater Digital Literacy Project

The Mirror’s got an article on the Atwater Digital Literacy Project, nicely done. Here’s the lede: Give a kid a video camera and they’ll fiddle around with the buttons, but teach a kid how to make movies and they’ll be feverishly posting to YouTube in no time—or at least that’s the idea behind the Atwater […]

why paying wiki contributors won’t work

Evan writes an excellent piece on why you shouldn’t pay wiki contributors (hint, it has nothing to do with keeping all the millions for yourself). He’s got seven points and a main conclusion: If you think you need to pay people to work on your wiki, then you’re doing something wrong. Instead of trying to […]