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royalties to get into heaven?

In a move that strikes some as proprietary ecclesiastical politics, the Vatican released a statement Tuesday claiming that the Catholic Church is the only Christian organization eligible to use the term church to describe itself. [link…] How long before the cease and desist letters start flowing out of Rome?

friday youtube mixed tape: brit new wave

This week: British 80s new wave/synthpop Ultravox: Dancing with Tears in My Eyes [link] Flock of Seagulls: I Ran [link] …(watch for the lead singer’s mad keyboard skillz) Gary Numan: Cars [link]

for sale: country and contents?

The latest big Canadian company to get sold off to foreign interests is Alcan, the Montreal-based Aluminum giant. It’s hard to imagine any big Canadian companies left in a decade or so unless we change our policies. Among the big Canadian companies that have been sold off in the last few years: Four Seasons Hotels, […]