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radio open source needs help

Radio Open Source is one of my favourite shows available by podcast. They talk about anything, in depth, ranging from arts to politics, boxing, and countless other wonderful subjects. They are in some financial trouble, and need your help.

pageoftext and recaptcha

Two great little aps: Page of Text Nice simple little aps are such a pleasure. Page of Text is a brilliant little wiki environment – so easy and clean. I’m not quite sure what it’s good for, but if you want a page of text on the net, without having to host anything or do […]

wi-fi & rfid!

Wireless tracking systems could be used to protect patients in hospitals and students on campuses, backers of the technology said. [more…] It’s also good for tracking the movements of political agitators, enemies of the state, socialists, copyright infringers, vegans, software pirates, environmentalists, and other pariahs and undesirables.