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US Attorney Scandal Obsession

For some reason, I am obsessed with the US Attorney Scandal. The best coverage is at TalkingPointsMemo, where I just read this statement, from Monica Goodling, former #3 (?) at the US Department of Justice, which has been deposed before Congress in their hearings into the matter: …At heart, I am a fairly quiet girl […]

some interviews on CitizenSHIFT

Matt grabbed some audio from me yakking at Podcamp Toronto, talking about: LibriVox, and Atwater Digital Literacy Project I like the informal, trip-hoppy format. Nicely done. (But what did I mean by “audio nirvana” I wonder??).

start-up sociopaths

Says Evan: Most technology startups I’ve been in have been run by charismatic sociopaths with no actual management or technology experience. They make wild, ignorant, unfounded promises to both employees and potential customers, then get increasingly anxious and unpleasant as their unsupportable predictions of schedule and market share don’t come through. [more…] Ha!

rococo & barcamp

screw it, I’ve been humming about this post for a while, so I’m just going to sketch it out here. Barcamp, Boys and Girls I wanted to address Martine’s great talk on women at conferences, and I have a few comments: remember that barcamp is different from other conferences in that no one really gets […]