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thou shalt not…

Some fellow named “Bopuc” linked to this vid, of dan le sac VS scroobius pip, which is, really, quite great: I thought dan le sac (or scroobius?) might change his mind when he got to the Clash, but he didn’t, and i was happy. courage of convictions.

LibriVox interview

Nice interview about LibriVox with Donna Papacosta, on the trafcom podcast. [audio:]

BookReview: Wealth of Networks

The Wealth of Networks product Book by Yochai Benkler A comprehensive and exhaustive book about the open movement (free software, wikipedia, blogging, flickr, creative commons, crowdsourcing etc) of which LibriVox is an enthusiastic member. Not for the faint-hearted, this book is dense, big and academic in approach, but refreshingly rigourous, with significant attention paid to […]

Video – boogat

I did a video interview of Montreal hip hop artist Boogat, for the National Arts Centre’s Scene Quebec programme/podcast. SceneQuebec is an arts festival in Ottawa/Gatineau, April 20-May 5. Here’s the boogat vid. There are a few more vids by me coming out too, some about theatre, and another about the classical music programming. You […]