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next up, redirect

need to do a 301 redirect to send folks over here. evan suggested it, boris said he’d gimme a hand.

well that was pretty easy…

dreamhost one-click install; uploaded theme and plugin folders by ftp; exported Dose xml file; imported dose xml file. a couple of tweaks left, and bob, as they say, is your uncle. for whatever faults wordpress has, it’s a pretty fantastic tool. welcome to my new and final abode, everybody! UPDATE: jeeze-bazeeze: opened the doors here […]

i’ve moved!

Yesterday, I had coffee & a great talk with Matt Forsythe. He was the 5th? 6th? person in the last two weeks to make a comment about dose, dosemagazine, and the really awful CanWest rag, His comment was something: “It took me a long time to read your blog without cringing because I always […]