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geist & canada on net neutraliy

Michael Geist has a nice long bit on Canada’s take on Net Neutraity, and here he summarizes the Conservative position: We think blocking or prioritizing content may be acceptable, we recognize it is inconsistent with the recommendations of the Telecommunications Policy Review Panel, and we don’t care because we plan to the leave the issue […]

quelques recontres

J’ai l’intention de participer à ces evenments: WikiWednesday (aujourd’hui, 16h30) Yulblog (aujourd’hui, 20h00) petit déjeuner des entrepreneurs web Montrealais (le 13 fev) podcamp toronto (le 24-25 fev) democamp montreal #1 (le 27 fev) democamp montreal #2 (le 29 mars) barcamp montreal #2 (april 28)